Monday, November 24, 2014

Winter, and Windows...

So, yeah, we got this big blizzard thing the likes that Boise hasn't seen in ages. I finally got a chance to build a snowman, who quite surprised me in it's quest. Hence, I have prepared for you now -  The Progression of the Snowman...

As if to say, "I'm a Dancer!"

 And then... 

HOW is this even possible?!

Next I painted some Christmas lights on Global Travel: 

Also some Playful little Penguins on Banner Bank for the Downtown Boise Association's Winter Window Gallery. 

Snowball Fight! 

Catchin' Thanksgiving Dinner, are we? 

Tubing accident just waiting to happen... 

Roasting Marshmellows is quite the Penguin Treat! 

Love comes in all shapes and sizes, and temperatures - Meeeeowww! 
In other News, I have been accepted into Art Source Gallery! You will be able to find me and my paintings there as early as December's First Thursday! Will I see you there? I do hope so! 

Happy Holidays to you, keep warm and eat much excellent food.  I will now leave you with this adorable image. 
Snow Cat

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