Friday, July 4, 2014

Idaho Statesman's 4th Annual Chalk Art Festival

©2014 Lauren T Kistner

Excitement sparked and I was able to wake before my alarm clock this day.  I drew on the sidewalk, in a rather big way. 6'x6' and a tad more, hey hey.

©2014 Lauren T Kistner

It's the Chalk Art Festival at Ann Morrison Park; art born and thrives for just until dark. Everyone's big chance to chalk it up and make a good mark!

©2014 Lauren T Kistner, Chalk Art

Henrietta, pulled out of the concrete with pastels and chalk, stood independant and sang forth, bock, bock, bawk, bawk, balk.

My partners of featured artists all pulled out their best stuff,

Melissa Chambers
Karen Bubb 

Chi E Shenam Westin

Geoff Everts

The competitors out there made the competition tough!

After 5 hours of work I was finally done

©2014 Lauren T Kistner

Happy 4th of July to each and everyone!

Be safe tonight friends, and thank you for your support!