Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Spring, verging on Summer

They say time flies, and they mean it.  I have been working, friends; this time of year is always interesting for me. With the arrival of spring I am inspired to paint in in the colors appearing before me and indulge in the new textures forming.

I am inspired to drive my car off into distant lands, forage in the forest and pull every weed in my garden by hand in preparation for this year's crop.

Time can and will escape me.

With all this action floating around in my head, I suddenly was called in for Jury Duty. I was fortunate enough to get picked to sit on a Jury as Juror #11. It was an experience, and I certainly learned a lot! It really is nothing like being a juror on Ally McBeal. No quirky nose whistling, and No singing AT ALL.


Since my last post, I have conquered some of my spring tasks.

©2014 Lauren Kistner
Garden  - Planted! 

New Display Panels - Built! 

photo © Lauren T Kistner
New Panels for Future Paintings - Built! 

photo ©2014 Lauren T Kistner
Greta Gnatek Redzko's Painting "Lauren" is now cradled, varnished and hung - Done! 

©2014 Lauren T Kistner and Mike Chambers, Getaway Bike, Acrylic on Canvas

I had a very unique and eye opening opportunity, inspired by Treasure Valley Artist Alliance's newest exhibition "Four Eyes, an Optical Collusion" (don't you just love the name?) Mike Chambers and I worked together on one canvas to bring about our piece "Getaway Bike" full of little jibbly bits hidden in the scenery. Come to the show's opening reception at BSU Radio Stations June 6th from 5-8 p.m. to find Waldo in our piece! Free, all ages.

©2014 Lauren T Kistner and Mike Chambers, Getaway Bike, Acrylic on Canvas
We started by working on the panel together, then each of us got a day with it. We finished it together. 

©2014 Lauren T Kistner and Mike Chambers, Getaway Bike, Acrylic on Canvas
Signing our finished panel! 
Pam McKnight, Jaki Kats Ashford and I also worked on a collaborative piece that will be included in the show. I am grateful for both experiences, and very glad I got to work with everyone involved.  Exhibition runs through August 7th.

Coming Up Next! 
Find me in Julia Davis Park June 1st for my 5th adventure at Art & Roses! This is a fabulous family friendly art event. All work is original and over 70 LOCAL Artists. I will be debuting my two newest works -

©2014 Lauren T Kistner, Beryl, Mixed Media on Panel
24" x 24"
Oil on Panel

©2014 Lauren T Kistner, Calico, Mixed Media on Panel
24" x 24"
Mixed Media on Panel

I hope to see yo there! Until then - Enjoy your day! 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Chalk HeArt Challenge


With the Modern Adventure in the past along with another amazing Art in the Bar, I am ready to share with you what's next, on short notice.

Coming up on Thursday, May 8th, I am honored to be one of the Judges for the Love What's Real Chalk HeArt Challenge brought to you by the wonderful people at the Idaho Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence - This is a truly enjoyable event where students middle school - high school statewide come down to the Center on the Grove and illustrate poems written by their peers. The poems are chosen from the collection published in the Love What's Real writing competition that happened earlier this year.

"The Center for Healthy Teen Relationships is a statewide prevention and response effort to educate secondary school students and the community on the importance of healthy relationships and the prevalence of teen dating violence."
Discover more about this event at the Facebook page and the website at Love What's Real. 

This will by my second year as a judge, and I am truly very excited to see what these amazing young people create this year. But First - my homework :)

© Lauren T Kistner, all rights reserved
Teaser shot of new work on my table

I will be posting new paintings, progress in the garden, adventures in foraging, and news in the near future. Until then, I wish you a most excellent day, and hope you can make it out to see our students chalking it up!

© Lauren T Kistner, all rights reserved.
Work in Progress #2