Saturday, March 29, 2014

AIR Studio Progress Week 3 - Fresh Mountain Air

This piece, affectionately titled "Fresh Mountain Air" is an ode to one of my favorite places, Warm Lake, Idaho. 2 summers were spent working at North Shore Lodge and exploring the land after the Cascade Complex of 2009. The trees were torched and the land was barren. Though, the fire morels were epic that first season. Since the untimely loss of the owner of the lodge, it's been difficult to go back, even with everything burgeoning. Remembering a few of the things we love, this image has huckleberry purple, lake and hot springs blue, snow white, and wildflower yellow. I wanted to throw in a pirate flag, but I don't think a skull and crossbones complements an image of happy lung tissue. 

©2014 Lauren T Kistner, Fresh Mountain Air, Ink & Watercolor on Map

©2014 Lauren T Kistner, Fresh Mountain Air, Ink & Watercolor on Map

©2014 Lauren T Kistner, Fresh Mountain Air, Ink & Watercolor on Map

©2014 Lauren T Kistner, Fresh Mountain Air, Ink & Watercolor on Map

 Fresh Mountain Air
Watercolor, Ink, Map 

I doubt I can finish another image before April's First Thursday, but you might be able to see one in the works! Also feverishly working away in our last week in the studio are Lisa Cheney and Rose Elkovich. 

We will be open First Thursday, April 3rd, from 5-9pm
404 S. 8th St. Suite 182 
(across the hall from BODO Vino!)

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Air Studio Progress Week 2 The spleen

For your enjoyment, I have started on an organ that is revered and reviled, tormented and cherished, and sometimes removed. 

Day 1
5 hours (not including sketch time)
©2014 Lauren T Kistner, Spleen Wip
The spleen is the mighy-unvital organ. 

©2014 Lauren T Kistner, Spleen Wip, watercolor
The spleen is a filtering system for the blood as well as a reserve for extra blood. 

©2014 Lauren T Kistner, Spleen Wip, watercolor & ink
Over the years many people have associated the spleen with negative emotions, - poor thing has a bad reputation. When someone is venting the spleen it is a reference for a vituperative outburst, Shakespeare tagged the term the spleeny Lutheran, and women who were in a bad mood were thought to be suffering from the "vapours" caused by this little physiologically and anatomically unobtrusive tiny fist shaped guy.  I would like breathe new shiney life it- so it can leave all the grey behind. 
Day 2
3 1/2 hours
©2014 Lauren T Kistner, Spleen Wip, watercolor & ink
I see your true colors shining through, I see your true colors - and that's why I love you. So don't be afraid to let it shoooooow..... True colors........ You're very welcome on that earworm.  

Day 3
 1 1/2 hours

©2014 Lauren T Kistner, Spleen Wip, watercolor & ink.
Getting closer!  

Day 4 
3 1/2 hours
©2014 Lauren T Kistner, Spleen Wip, watercolor & ink,
It's a spleen! Bright and happy and working hard for a body near you!
Now it just needs a catchy name. Any suggestions? 

Lets all join together and think positive thoughts for our spleens, and perhaps they won't strip our blood of iron over working for us when we are stressed and leave us anemic.  

©2014 Lauren T Kistner, BIRD WIP, ink

I also managed to get a start on my newest of newest series, mini maps "ode to Portlandia" where I will be putting a bird on it. Lots of birds. On Portland. Yup. 

First Thursday is coming up fast - I hope to complete my next map piece before the residency is over. I will keep you posted on "Fresh Mountain Air" in next week's blog.
©2014 Lauren T Kistner, all rights reserved. 

Have yourselves an excellent weekend my friends! Thank you for stopping by! 

Monday, March 17, 2014

And 'hear' we have it !

You can now call this little ringer a completed work! What I have learned in the studio this week is that it takes a lot longer than I prior believed to finish an illustration. This one's painting time was ten hours in four days, sketching time prior is not included. Having to time yourself for monetary parking purposes will do that - teach me a lesson.

©2014 Lauren T Kistner, Eardrum, Watercolor and Ink
Phew! Introducing Cornucochlea! 

The studio view
If you get a chance, come down and see it in person, every computer screen is calibrated slightly different for color. We will have new work to share with you soon!

Now I must decide if the spleen or the lungs are next!

Enjoy your day!

Friday, March 14, 2014

AIR Studio progress Week 1

Day one working in the studio. Further progress on my working space has got me giddy. I am very much enjoying leaving the distractions of a home studio where they belong and delving into my work. 
©2014 Lauren T Kistner, AIR Studio
My cozy corner

©2014 Lauren T Kistner, New Work, watercolor
It was a yellow kind of day! 
Background for the eardrum and some detailing of the spleen occurred. 

©2014 Lauren T Kistner, Eardrum, watercolor
detail of eardrum

©2014 Lauren T Kistner, Lisa Cheney AIR Studio
Lisa Cheney's work space is captivating. Sometimes I geek out on her lovely set-up. Looking forward to working with her in the studio! 
Day two

2 1/2 hours of work! 
This may turn out to be the most colorful of the series yet. I had limited my palette
for the first in the series, but this one is busting out of the norm. I'm going to go with it and enjoy the road it takes me down.

Day 3
3 hours

©2014 Lauren T Kistner, work in progress, watercolor
Most of the watercolor is down. 
©2014 Lauren T Kistner, work in progress, watercolor
Up for a stretch then on to inking! 

©2014 Lauren T Kistner, work in progress, watercolor and ink
Detail, with the eardrum and cochlea in stripes

©2014 Lauren T Kistner, work in progress, watercolor and ink
End of work day.
It is hard to walk away, the little parts call out, singing to me to sit back down and complete them. Unfortunately my neck and back say no, and my crossing eyes give up. Outlining takes some time to get used to, the transition from painting takes a while. Once I am on a roll, I want to finish. I find myself tucked in these little moments of terror; that I will come back and a straight line will decide to become an arch and vice versa, one misplaced brush stroke, spilled beverage, or clumsy sweater sleeve. C'est la vie! Somebody, quick! Grab me a fortune cookie :)

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Boise AIR Studio Move-in

I am moving into the Boise Department of Arts & History Artist in Residence studio that was awarded to Boise Open Studios Collective. This is our last month with the studio so we are hoping to make April's First Thursday extra fun! My studio mates for the month are multi-media Lisa Cheney and plein air painter Rose Elkovich.
My paintings will be on display, but my main focus for the use for the space this month will be three illustrative series. Magpies, Anatomy Nouveau, and works on maps. If inspiration provides, something new will form out of my time working with the other artists in the space.

©2014 Lauren T Kistner, Studio shot of Lisa Cheney's multi media work.
Lisa Cheney all set up to work! Visit her blog here

©2014 Lauren T Kistner, Eardrum and lungs illustrations
Sneak peak - Two of my new works to be completed - the eardrum and lungs
©2014 Lauren T Kistner, AIR Studio, March
Current set-up, always subject to change :) 

I am ready for this adventure, you can find me Tues, Wed, Fri - Noon - 2, Saturday Noon-4. There will be a range of times that I will just pop down and work, studio mates as well, so don't be a stranger! Progress shots of work will be blogged for your enjoyment.

To see what I have been up in this long delay from posting, feel free to browse my facebook page.

Have yourself an excellent color filled day!