Friday, July 26, 2013

Can't quit the Chikens

I just can't seem to quit the chickens.

Last week I returned home (to a messy house and a beautiful partner in crime whose smile alone is enough to make me forget the work I will be in for) from another fabulous adventure with a long term friend. We drove many miles of dirt roads through Nevada, Oregon and Idaho. We scoured the desert for rocks, collected an abundance of pictures on our memory cards of the strange and beautiful, and counted falling starts. I returned home with so much inspiration! A camera full indeed (examples below), yet I can't seem to quit the chickens.

Image © 2013 Lauren T Kistner. All Rights Reserved.  Untitled. photography

Image ©2013 Lauren T Kistner. All Rights Reserved.

Image © 2013 Lauren T Kistner. All Rights Reserved.

Image © 2013 Lauren T Kistner. All Rights Reserved

Sure, I have a collection of domesticated gallinaceous fowl and a couple of ring-necked doves,  plus a plethora of birds in the urban wild that visit the garden (lady turkey included), so I see them everywhere, but I'm not sure that is a good excuse. I have yet to nail down what motivates me in certain directions when it comes to my art besides the insatiable need to do it. One week I want nothing more than to paint colorful textured images of the non-representational abstract variety (color field, action), the next to pull out the stained glass or mold sculpy clay into skulls or to just strip an old piece of furniture and make it anew. This week all I want to do is draw birds.

Forget cleaning the house.

I'm just not "down" with that.

Pull the weeds in the garden? ha, no...

Cook a meal? Forgetaboutit (sorry honey, grilled cheese and salsa for you)

After all of that rambling, I give you a glimpse - "Ducky"

©2013 Lauren T Kistner. Ducky. Original artwork, ink on paper

I think it captures her personality well. 

Ducky is an americana/auracana/easter egger pullet, who happened to come out of the shell resembling a duckling. At lest I thought so. 
Image © Lauren T Kistner. All Rights Reserved.

Being as talented as I am in titling animals, (remember "lady turkey?") I chose one most fitting for her. It was quite easy. Also, she's very mouthy, but enjoys a good cuddle. 

Today, I have a rooster and a few imaginary birds calling for their completion. Ta ta for now

Why not?

Why not?
"It's the wave of the future" they said, "It will be fun" they tell me.
Avoiding the here and now is something I am good at. I have a tendency to dwell in the past and a kinship for nostalgia. I enjoy the familiar and love stating the obvious. Makes me feel smart and in a weird backwards way, up to date :)
Really, this blog is another way for me to challenge myself out my cozy shell, and hopefully put my best food forward and shake it all about; with any luck, it won't b-line all the way to my mouth.

Please enjoy