Friday, November 8, 2013

Day of the Dead Niche Altars

At the headquarters for Boise's sesquicentennial birthday celebration, the Sesqui-Shop, the exhibition of over 50 traditional and contemporary niche altars and artist made banners for the Day of the Dead is coming to a close. 
The experience from viewing all the varied altars from the community is unique; one altar to the next can send you on a roller coaster that fits together in a puzzle of personal and artistic human touch.

Altar by Anthony Emerson

Altar by Bryan Anthony Moore

Altar by Charlotte LaVictoire 

Banners by Eric Anderson, Brittany O'Meara, and Collin Watts
These banners, and many others are displayed in businesses downtown and at the Idaho State Historical museum.  They were created with the help of Wingtip Press and Boise State University. 4'x8' wood blocks were carved by the artists and printed October 12th by a steamroller. 

Niche Altars

 Oxidation, aging and decomposition are interesting processes to me. I love how my altar progressed in its stages
Day of the Dead Altar © 2013 Lauren T Kistner
Time does its work..
Day of the Dead Altar © 2013 Lauren T Kistner
My contribution, fresh on the day installed 

Day of the Dead Altar © 2013 Lauren T Kistner
detail of my altar; for Paulina, Gerty, and the Silkie Sisters.
I offered them treats of meal worms and scratch, and flowers from their favorite foraging grounds
This Altar by Rebecca Rogers immediately caught my eye! 

Student artwork

Altar by Sara Esquivel-Morrisette
Dia de los Muertos is a traditional Mexican Holiday celebrated November 2nd. It is a happy event; a celebration of life and all it entails - full circle. Traditionally, these altars are made for those who have passed, often decorated with pictures of the person, flowers, offerings and some of their favorite objects.

Altars are displayed at the Sesqui-Shop and throughout the Idaho State Historical  Museum until November 9th.

Article "Day of the Dead Niche Altars" at © 2013 Lauren T Kistner