Saturday, December 21, 2013

Just in time for the holidays!

© 2013 Lauren T Kistner, Window Mural, Boise, Idaho

Can you feel it?! The excitement is brimming! It's a busy fun time - a red, green, white, and sometimes silver - time, a bursting into Christmas Song at any random moment time. I feel the child inside me giggling, enjoying the suspense like a well placed pregnant pause, so full of anticipation. Many of my Christmas wishes have come true - family is here or on their way, gingerbread messes have been made, fits have been had, and the ground is laden with fluffy sparkling snow! 

image © 2013 Lauren T Kistner, Snow, Boise, Idaho

        Making candy with my mother and grandmother until we all got tummy aches,

image © 2013 Lauren T Kistner, candies, Boise, Idaho

shopping and crafting gifts with my mother-in-law, wrapping presents...Christmas seems to be the only time I can keep from spilling the beans - and it is an odd addicting mix of excruciating excitement to patiently wait for the day when we can shred all that pretty paper and put bows on our pets. 

image © 2013 Lauren T Kistner, tree, Boise, Idaho

The Christmas tree. A plastic monstrosity; a relic covered in sweet vintage thrift store finds, too many lights, and some of my favorite local artist ornaments.

image © 2013 Lauren T Kistner, Star decoration, Boise, Idaho
Star thing, all time favorite, blazing in it's glory near the top of the tree. Thrift Store Score.

©2013 Lauren T Kistner, Encaustic ornament by Terry Burkes, Boise, Idaho
New addition to the tree this year, an encaustic ornament made by local artist Terry Burkes
©2013 Lauren T Kistner, cinnamon ornament, Boise, Idaho
A gift from a friend made with his daughter - it smells so amazing, made almost entirely out of cinnamon

©2012 Lauren T Kistner, Pyrex ornament by Trevor Kizer, Boise, Idaho
A Pyrex beauty created by Trevor Kizer. You can slam this guy on the floor and it won't break. I have seen it happen! Definately cat and kid friendly.

Oooo and the paint. I can't escape the season without administering Christmas Cheer to windows! This year's winter window painting adventures included the 
Vapoligy electronic cigarette stores! This is the Overland location - to see it in person (and perhaps kick the habit for the new year?) go to 8495 W. Overland Rd, Boise, ID 83709

©2013 Lauren T Kistner, Window Mural, Vapoligy, Boise, Idaho
©2013 Lauren T Kistner, Window Mural, Vapoligy, Boise, Idaho

©2013 Lauren T Kistner, Window Mural, Vapoligy, Boise, Idaho

©2013 Lauren T Kistner, Window Mural, Vapoligy, Boise, Idaho

This next set is a "sneak peak" of the inside of the Chinden store's windows. I shall return some day soon to capture it from the outside and post more pictures!

©2013 Lauren T Kistner, Window Mural, Vapoligy, Boise, Idaho
©2013 Lauren T Kistner, Window Mural, Vapoligy, Boise, Idaho

©2013 Lauren T Kistner, Window Mural, Vapoligy, Boise, Idaho

The Season has kept me busy; when I get a chance to go back to the Nampa location I will post more photos for your viewing pleasure :)  

Post "Just in time for the holidays ©2013 Lauren T Kistner, All rights reserved. 
©2013 Lauren T Kistner

My Christmas wish to you is full bellies, lots of hugs, warmth, and much joy!
Happy Holidays to You!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Too Early for Christmas? Plus Events

It feels that way, too early for Christmas. It's the first week of December and normally I wouldn't pull out the decorations for a week or two. But this happened.

And now I am raging with the Christmas Spirit! It might have something to do with a family member returning to Idaho to stay and the beautiful prospect of a family reuniting for the holidays! It might be ingrained from my mother's Christmas tree always sparkling with family ornaments. Or it may just be that it is, in fact, NOT too early for Christmas! I have one more task to complete, and I will be all sorts of excited to share it with you next week :)

On to other news! 

If you are in the neighborhood of 8th and Broad St. downtown Boise, you might have noticed the Chickens in the Snow on the windows of Solid. Yup, that was me.

For the past 4 years I have participated in the Downtown Boise Association's Winter Window Gallery. Fears of working in public have to be put aside, the scale is much larger than I am used to, and hey, it's stinkin cold out there! I have acquired new skills and techniques over the years (reverse painting is awesome if it's downright cold out) and what paints work best. It's been a challenge and a unique experience that I am grateful for. You can view all the windows painted by the different artists chosen for this year's Window Gallery simply by walking around downtown! In the comfort of your own home you can view the collection of images and even vote for your favorite on the Downtown Boise Association's Facebook page.

Thursday, December 5th
First Thursday at The Crux

The Crux's curator (and artist, Tony Caprai) has the unique ability to bring together some very talented established and emerging artists into one fabulous exhibition! Come out and see what is on the walls this Thursday during your First Thursday Art Walk adventure! The Sesqui Shop is showing a collection of art prints just a few doors down, the Nebula Shift (609 W. Main St) is showing Esau Kessler's New Eyes Exhibition, and Art Source Gallery is just across the street. Too many awesome events to name them all!
Free, All Ages

Friday, December 6th (opening reception)
Art in Traffic; Boise Utility Box Artists
Visual Arts Collective

An exhibition including over 50 artists whose art is found on utility boxes throughout Boise. This should be a unique opportunity to see the kinds of works that have translated through to a utility box. Celebrate our home grown artists from 7 -9 p.m. at the VAC - 3638 Osage Street, Garden City, Idaho, 83714
Free, 21+

Friday, December 13th
Treasure Valley Artists Alliance presents "Foray"
Boise State Public Radio Offices
5-8 p.m.

Opening Reception for the 3nd Annual TVAA Foray Exhibit.

Treasure Valley Artists' Alliance announces the Third annual Foray Exhibition, opening Friday, December 13th in the offices of Boise State Public Radio, 220 E. ParkCenter Blvd. in Boise. Foray will showcase the work of members of the artists' alliance. The exhibit does not have a theme, but if it did it might be "Hey, World! Come and see what an amazingly diverse and talented group of artists we have in the Treasure Valley!"

That wraps up my events currently for December! Here's another treat -

Are you the proud owner of a Lauren T Kistner original, giclee print, or creation? Post an image of it in it's new home or gracing your wall on my facebook page at
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There are new items on my Etsy Store!

My website has had a makeover, please let me know what you think -
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Is there anything you would like to see different, more of, ect.

I hope you can make it out to enjoy Boise's talented artists. Happy holidays to you, and thank you for supporting your local artists.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Day of the Dead Niche Altars

At the headquarters for Boise's sesquicentennial birthday celebration, the Sesqui-Shop, the exhibition of over 50 traditional and contemporary niche altars and artist made banners for the Day of the Dead is coming to a close. 
The experience from viewing all the varied altars from the community is unique; one altar to the next can send you on a roller coaster that fits together in a puzzle of personal and artistic human touch.

Altar by Anthony Emerson

Altar by Bryan Anthony Moore

Altar by Charlotte LaVictoire 

Banners by Eric Anderson, Brittany O'Meara, and Collin Watts
These banners, and many others are displayed in businesses downtown and at the Idaho State Historical museum.  They were created with the help of Wingtip Press and Boise State University. 4'x8' wood blocks were carved by the artists and printed October 12th by a steamroller. 

Niche Altars

 Oxidation, aging and decomposition are interesting processes to me. I love how my altar progressed in its stages
Day of the Dead Altar © 2013 Lauren T Kistner
Time does its work..
Day of the Dead Altar © 2013 Lauren T Kistner
My contribution, fresh on the day installed 

Day of the Dead Altar © 2013 Lauren T Kistner
detail of my altar; for Paulina, Gerty, and the Silkie Sisters.
I offered them treats of meal worms and scratch, and flowers from their favorite foraging grounds
This Altar by Rebecca Rogers immediately caught my eye! 

Student artwork

Altar by Sara Esquivel-Morrisette
Dia de los Muertos is a traditional Mexican Holiday celebrated November 2nd. It is a happy event; a celebration of life and all it entails - full circle. Traditionally, these altars are made for those who have passed, often decorated with pictures of the person, flowers, offerings and some of their favorite objects.

Altars are displayed at the Sesqui-Shop and throughout the Idaho State Historical  Museum until November 9th.

Article "Day of the Dead Niche Altars" at © 2013 Lauren T Kistner

Friday, October 25, 2013

Creative Access Art Center

Idaho Parent's Unlimited's Creative Access Art Center. (It's wonderful - I love it, and perhaps by the end of this blog post, you will too)

On the corner of 8th and Myrtle in downtown Boise, Idaho, you will find the Creative Access Art Center, and the offices of some very amazing and dedicated people. These fine folks partake in educating, empowering, supporting and advocating for individuals with disabilities and their families. I would draw you a picture of how big their hearts are, but I would need a lot more paper.

"Programs they provide have included art workshops, exhibits and educational classes. This includes providing space for the Treasure Valley Artist Alliance monthly meetings and four exhibits per year as well as emerging opportunities such as Music Therapy for children with disabilities, Youth Yoga and Massage Therapy for both parents and children." *

They also share space with Amy Nack with Wingtip Press, and Arin Aruther with Arin Arthur Textiles. CAAC participates in First Thursday Artwalk Events, offers classes such as Musical Tuesdays with Gayle Chapman and Acting lessons with Sandra Cavanaugh. On top of that, they provide Inclusive Summer Art Camps - everything from printmaking, sculpture, dance, public art tours and more!

"In 2011, with help from a grant from the State Independent Living Council's Medicaid Infrastructure Grant, CAAC's Master Apprentice Artist Program was underway. This unique mentorship program allowed Master Artists to work with Apprentice Artists in developing technique; guide them with vital connections to the local arts community and fostered personal and professional growth. This program is aimed at providing opportunities for employment for artists with disabilities." *

Is your heart melting yet? 

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There is more. How about these highlights from their Artist in Residence Program -

Teaching Artist Sandra Cavanaugh taught residencies in playwriting at Boise High school as well as Mountain View Elementary. Students at Mountain View enjoyed a three week theater workshop in playwriting, producing and performing a revised version of Robin hood. Students from special education and general educations classes combined to create and perform a play for over 200 delighted audience members. 

Matthew Jordan, a certified music therapist, lead a music residency at Valley View Elementary. Students learned how to create an original piece of music as well as reaped the benefits of active listening exercises and musical games. During the residency students with disabilities were supported by peer mentors from another classroom which facilitated new friendships, teamwork skills and musical abilities for all students. 

Megan Brandel, prima ballerina and teaching artist, is currently conducting a movement and dance residency at Garfield Elementary. Students with visual impairments have developed greater body awareness, coordination, and spatial awareness, as well as increased self esteem and social skills. Students will perform their new dance moves at a recital for their classmates and friends this spring.  *

And        so       much        more! 

For the past two years, I have had the pleasure to donate works of art for their charity fundraiser to support their programs. 2013 really showed the support of the community, with over 100 gorgeous panels of art created by local artists up for grabs in the "Art for Art, A Night on the Boardwalk" event.

2013 Flyer

The following images of the "Art for Art - A Night on the Boardwalk "were captured by Patty Payton.  

Everyone had a different colored wristband. When a color was called, seven minutes were allotted to snatch the tag of the panel desired for purchase. 
Art can't stop, even for a minute! 

Getting a closer look; there was so much to see! 
A long hair and the Westins admiring the works of Lauren T Kistner
Artist Katherine Bajanova Grimmet next to her donated work

Artist Nicolet Laurson also donated work for the cause! 

Who wouldn't be excited to see these smiling faces bringing truffles?
     If anyone knows who this classy lady is...
   Look, her outfit matches my paintings! 
Artist Chieshenam Westin caught in conversation
Heather Skinner, Will Spearman & Angela Lindig
Artist Karen Bubb- Public Arts Manager at Boise Dept of Arts & History

 Mrs. & Mr. Lindig. Angela is the Executive Director for IPUL and CAAC. One heck of a motivated and inspiring woman
    Artist Joseph Pacheco and I winding down.
This guy was awesome. 
Outside, waiting patiently for our colors to be called so we could bulldoze in and purchase our favorite pieces of art! No host bar inside - Hor Dourves circulating and the musical talents of  Sandra Cavanaugh & Rex Miller playing in the tent. 
I wish I would have remembered to bring my camera; unfortunately I can't find images of Megan Brandel's Open Arms Integrated Dance Group's performance for the night. It was stellar! It truly was an excellent night of community and culture.

Magic Makers -  Staff, Board, Advisory Committee Members

 "The CAAC extends opportunities for artists both with and without disabilities -birth through adulthood - to create, showcase, and sell art in an inclusive facility. Sometimes you'll see our own programming at the CAAC; sometimes you'll see exhibitions of others that are aligned with our mission: We support, empower, educate, and advocate to enhance the quality of life for Idahoans with disabilities and their families. " 

The Creative Access Art Center opened the site containing gallery, art and class space, along with the administrative offices of Idaho Parents Unlimited and VSA in December 2010 in BoDo, the downtown warehouse/shopping district, at 500 S. 8th St. on the corner of 8th and Myrtle. *

The center is open weekdays from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

* exerpts from the CAAC website