Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Project Nesting

With winter fast approaching and the colors of the garden all fading into one another, I am finding myself more and more drawn to a tiny nook in my house. You see, my Grandmother recently gave me her fancy red chair that I have drooled over for years. It is so rich in color, and incredibly comfortable, with a matching foot rest - it is perfectly filled with memories of my family gathered together for holidays.

Then, my Sweetie found me a flat file (Yay!) that I washed and sanded, administered navel jelly to, then spray painted, and spray painted, and sanded where I screwed up, and spray painted some more, and finally clear coated. It was quite the process, indeed.

I decided it should compliment the chair. This is where the color nook obsession began - a combination of a much needed flat file and a fancy vintage chair.

The addition of a baby blue vintage fan, a yellow lamp, and a freshly spray painted red new pot for my tree to thrive in, brought the space together.

Not sure if it is a good idea to spray paint the lamp shade too... So I added one of Grandma's old costume necklaces and a hair piece by Danielle Demaray. Much Better.

It wasn't hard to collect things already in my house that are pastel primaries. I chose a few special mementos to adorn the space. A thirty two foot yacht that was my Grandpa's, a tiny teapot from a friend, marbles, a toy car, a top, my whisker collection, a pocket knife from my father, and a very old necklace from when I was a kid. A tiny little place,  a teeny little altar, a miniature color corner of my own.

All I need now is for my very skilled mother to crochet me a blue and yellow throw blanket. (Christmas hit Ma)

And my sister to sew me some complimentary curtains. (Christmas hint Sis)

And a new runner.

I know spreading this color scheme to fill the entire living room would probably drive the Mister nuts, so I will try to minimize it to this one space. He doesn't think it's a good idea for me paint the bird cage anyway...

And on top of it's visual appeal to me, it also helps to organize my trinkets of the trade in a very reasonable manner. MUCH Better than the paint dappled plastic rolly bins I've been rockin' for years. Though I do thank them for their years of dedicated service...

Roosting on my perch

Color is assured in my home for winter, and all seasons for that matter. I encourage everyone to make their very own nook. Even if it is just a corner of your desk. We share our lives with so many distractions. Make a cave. Create a time out corner, an area for reflection, a shelf for clarity, a blanket fort, a tree house... Whatever is most appealing or available to you, but most importantly, create for yourself a grounding space, and go there often.

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