Tuesday, October 21, 2014

It's been a while....

And I can't remember half of it. I know there was A LOT of painting in there, and preparation for Art in the Park and Boise Open Studios weekend.
because I have a camera, I know these things happened as well:

©2014 Lauren T Kistner, Bolete, All rights reserved.
King Bolete is yummy to eat, with eggs and bacon is quite a treat. 

©2014 Lauren T Kistner, Oh, Dear, www.laurentkistner.com
Oh, dear

©2014 Lauren T Kistner, Willy, all rights reserved.
Flight Show at Birds of Prey

©2014 Lauren T Kistner, It was foggy, www.laurentkistner.com
It was foggy
© 2014 Lauren t Kistner, Balloon classic, all rights reserved.
Balloon Classic

©2014 Lauren T Kistner, Prisma, www.laurentkistner.com
Prisma Completed and Installed in her lovely new home

©2014 Lauren T Kistner, Bird Bath High Five, all rights reserved.
Bird Bath High Five

©2014 Lauren T Kistner, Squinty Eyed Frye, all rights reserved.
Squinty Eyed Frye, in a cone of shame. He hated it. Over now; gorgeous as ever. 
© 2014 Lauren T Kistner, Art in the Park, Boise, ID
My booth for Art in the Park! It was quite the adventure! 

Boise Open Studios Weekend

©2014 Lauren T Kistner, Surel's Place, Garden City, ID, BOSCO Open Studios
I had the grand opportunity to display my work at Surel's Place in Garden City for Boise Open Studios Weekend this year. Not only was the space beautiful, calming, and inviting, a few of my larger works got a chance to come out and see the world, something that would not have been an option in the confines of my tiny studio. It was a great pleasure to meet friends of Surel Mitchell (1944 - 2011) and introduce new guests to her place. She was an amazing woman. This website will give you more information on the house and the programs it hosts -

Surel's Place

All are invited to the afterparty! If you turned in a passport for the weekend, your chance to win art from BOSCO Artists is coming right up.

BOSCO Reception and Passport Art Drawing
First Thursday, November 6th
Fire Fusion Studio
1124 W. Front St
Boise, ID
5:30 - 9 p.m.
Drawing Starts at 7:30

Now that things are calm for a minute, I am tackling some home projects that I have wanted to complete before the weather turns frosty. There are a few new large paintings in the works, and I will be working on some new illustrations and experimenting with Encaustic again in the near future. Stay tuned :)

Thank you for all your support :)

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