Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Greta Gnatek Redzko = Fabulous

Greta Gnatek Redzko is a fabulous artist. Her painting is so creamy, so dreamy; she invokes images with bold whispers of contour lines, velvety textures, and blushing colors. Now she has created this and I have become narcissistic (get it? it's a painting of me and I am in LOVE with it, haha) 
© 2013 Greta Gnatek Redzko. Mixed Media Painting.
by Greta Gnatek Redzko

She told me she was nearing completion, just needed to add lips. She even offered to have me kiss it! It needed to be signed by her lips though, and hers are much nicer than my pencil thin lips.

No one before has said "Lauren, I'm going to paint you" and made it happen.

Until today.

Today is a good day.

Here are a few images of  friends that have found their way to my drawing board that I  hope feel as elated as I do to be works of art.
© 2010 Lauren T Kistner. Lean In. Watercolor and Ink on paper. Original artwork. All rights Reserved.
"Lean In"
by Lauren T Kistner
© 2011 Lauren T Kistner. Liz in Curlers. Watercolor and ink on paper.
"Liz, in Curlers"
by Lauren T Kistner
© 2011 Lauren T Kistner. Desert Flower. Ink, watercolor, and graphite on paper
"Desert Flower"
by Lauren T Kistner

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  1. How sweet to see this Lauren! I loved painting you and I am so happy you LOVE her! <3 :)